Lead Pipe Testing in CT and NY

Millions of homes in Connecticut, New York, and the Northeast have their drinking water delivered through contaminated lead pipes.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has spearheaded research since 2013 that has revealed that millions of American homes are not safe from lead contamination in drinking water, including homes in Connecticut and New York.

The danger arises when lead, galvanized, or brass pipes periodically contaminate residents' water. This exposes people to lead levels in drinking water above the EPA's recommended parts per billion.

In most cases, contaminated pipes only produce dangerous lead levels some of the time, such as when the pipes are agitated. Passing trucks, snow plows, and nearby road work are common ways for lead particles to break loose from pipes and solder. Water can also become contaminated after sitting for as little as six hours.

Our lead testing focuses on every relevant plumbing fixture, rather than the contents of the water at any given time. We are therefore able to provide a total picture of the lead contamination hazard to your family. Municipal water companies do not provide the necessary level of detail about your private property, which is why we decided that our communities need this service.

We specialize in testing the service pipes of homes built before 1986, the year when amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act prohibited the installation of pipes with lead solder nationwide.

We will test your private water line, the component of your house's plumbing that runs from the street to your basement, and the pipes in your home. We will tell you whether your pipes contain lead.

Most water utility companies in the Northeast have sections on their website concerning lead contamination. We recommend you visit your water provider's website to learn more.

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